Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Report of the first semester of "Preparação Jovem" (English tranlation ( em portugues, esta logo abaixo)

The first half-year of the „Youth Preparation Program“ in Aramitan began February 2009 with two international work camps, bringing a new experience of being an active cosmopolitan.

That was practically the first module of the course, which gave space for participation, local knowledge and a cultural exchange. 

Then the young Brazilians were invited to continue the course in a form of a seminar every fifteen days.

The 2nd module with the titles – Vision of Brazil started with 20 participants, over 5 visitors and volunteers coming Fridays and Saturdays sometime stretching their stay until Sunday.

We did 6 classes, in addition planning and carrying out a traditional party „Festa Junina“ for a poor community in the midst of our studies. We were also participating in the mini congress „Youth Connection“ 2009 in Horizonte Azul. 

1st class: SER BRASILEIRO „to be Brazilian“- with Rangel Garcia and waldorf students of Sao Paulo – dealt with the roots of this young nation, identifying with the land and the first new mixed population of Brazil. 

2nd class: We deepened the subject - with Marli Pereira. 

3rd class: Use of content through participating 

4th class: Youth Identity - with Reinaldo Nascimento / Freunde

Event: The „Festa Junina“ a traditional happening for a poor community.

5th class: Participation in Youth Connection - topic: „Who stole from me?“ Organized and conducted by young people! 

6th class: Learn how adult!? -Oliver Tump 

7th lesson: Continuing the theme - Reflection and orientation of the year PJ - Introduction of 
theme of the 3rd module: Globalization - World Vision with Simon Stott 

All classes were accompanied by practical and artistic activities: 

- Portrait Collage/ Beautification and Painting 

- Food, traditional sweets 

- Contemporary & African Dance/Musica Berimbau 

- Games work shop for children and celebrating

- Dynamics

- Choir 

- Recycling Crafts 

Beside social and individual activities such as:
Discussions / Music Rap / Documentation of the Family House / Interest in the participation of public Budget / the idea of a room for the preparation program / Sofia YIP Monitoring Program / Portfolio 

We also offer space to participate in other initiatives: 

• Language classes such as English, German, and Portuguese 

• Mini Work camps Family House 

• Work camps International Futures 

• Connectivity2011 South Africa

We were accompanied by lovingly cooks Dona Jacinta, Solange and Rosangela, by workers and professional friends Joshua, Mary, Ute, Santiago, Lila and crew Aramitan containing Tatiane, Simon Oliver, Eduardo, Andreza, volunteers and tutors of the seminars. Thanks to everyone in the realisation of our first half period and welcome everyone to its continuation. 

Grateful Oliver Tump