Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Tuesday, the 24th of February

Maybe this report is my biggest contribution to Aramitan today, because in the middle of the morning I had a small accident I couldnt work after that. My day started 6:30am with the group responsible to prepare the breakfast. When I was coming back from the bakery, everybody was looking at my five bags of bread. It was making me feel a bit weird but it completely changed when a group of men asked me: „Is it the bread for Aramitan?“ and when I said „Yes“  one of them said „I knew“ and my weird feeling became a smile because I realized how much Aramitan already belongs to the local community. After we have eaten two breads in about two minutes we started our jobs. One group went on with the house for the volunteers. Another group was preparing the future parking area of Aramitan- organising the ground and putting some stones. The third group was doing a nice job on one of the windows of the building. My group was finishing the base of a stone-wall around a coconut-tree and they were taking uncountable bricks to the first group. One of the bricks had a strong relationship with my toe (this was the accident). I could never forget the great job done by Domino who broke down a wall with a big hammer so that more sunshine gets into the building. My unexpected free-day aloowed me an overview of the place, which I never had before. All the work was doing very well: I have never seen so many workers with smiling faces, leaders as responsible and friendly (really belonging to the group), a great atmosphere of comunity sense and warm eyes and hearts as big as the rain that whe had in the end of the afternoon. In the first ours of the night a capoeira group came to visit us and thought us some moves. They brought a good energy with them and introduced us to a spezial part of the Brazilian culture. Everytime I come to Aramitan I know that I will have an unforgetable time. This time it ist he same. It is quite interesting because this place is not ready fort he great goal yet but it already has a lot of beautiful stories to tell. A big kiss to everybody who believes in community beauty. Special regards to the dear Santiago.  Cheers! Alan

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