Monday, 15 June 2009

Mini Work Camps 05/12/13th of June

It's coming close to half time ...

This weekend and the one before we - Gerson, Jesse, Oliver, Arthur, Tati, Ebiliani, Jenni Reimundo and Simon - managed to finish plastering the walls until our arms were soar from grinding the cement. It was very cold and wet work out there and a very small “mini-work-camp” indeed, with only a few people. The red pick up from Se had broken down so we had a bit of difficulties with the transport of material and workers. Luckily our precious helper Murilo jumped in and drove us Friday and Saturday to the family’s house.

On Saturday the weather was a bit friendlier. Ebiliani, Jeni and Reimundo helped us to put in the windows, which Oliver, Tati and Murilo had well selected. We also secured one door in the right place to be fixed later on and Ebiliane sang very nice kindergarten songs with the two smallest children.
The Family is well off, apart from the coldness they have to fight with. Joao has got a job at the moment. Now we are closing up the first half of the house and hoping for dry weather and more volunteers who could help us to rip down the old house and start the second half.
With warm regard Simon

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