Monday, 1 June 2009

Plastering the walls

Saturday the 30 th of May

Saturday was Cesars birthday, all the children included the children of Gerson went to Vera Cruz to “Dia de Brinca”, it was a day of Games for the community, where kites where being made, recycle games constructed and lots of other activities presented. They came back very happy and with lots of self made games. Murilo and Tati who went with them where also loaded with positive energy. The tough guys stayed at the building side and continued the work on the house. The children came back for lunch, which was very tasty made with fish and fresh salad . After that Tati joined us in the construction work, during that time the children totally inspired by the day of games played all afternoon on the football pitch with kites balls and music.

On that day we managed:

 -     Building up the scaffolding 

-       Plastering five walls inside the house

-       Made a lot of “Massa” for the walls = “Producao Aramitan”


 The work to b econtinued…

The work at the families house will continue from now on every Friday, because our course prepraocao  jovem started. There is the possibility to work every second Saturday, when there is no course happening in Aramitan. The plan is to continue with “mini work-camps” with the people around Sao Paulo, who ever wants to contribute can come and help.

Friday the 29th of May 2009 

We arrived at the families´ house with a bit of worries whether everything would work out on this day. Our professional instructor and builder Gerson had back problems and said he was not going to be able to go to work. We managed yet to convince him to join us a bit later on as an instructor. With the same car and guitar we left Aramitan, arrived singing at the place of work, we were 5 people ready to continue what was once started…

It was a joy to see the children’s faces once they saw us arrive. During the work-camp a lot of trust was build up, so they welcomed us with open arms. When I look back, at the first time we visited the family with Santiago, Sandra, Morilo, and Oliver I could see shyness in they facece. There was hardly no communication possible, because of the language but more because they were closed to the outside world. As we arrived on this morning this picture was so different, specially the development of the youngest Junio, it was a pleasure to see how much more outward going he was and how much awareness he gained.

The work we managed was very satisfying:

 - Channels for electricity was made in all the walls

 - Both floor were covered with concrete

 - The Wall was finished in the back room

 - A lot of “Massa” was being made for the floor

With warm regards Simon and Oliver

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