Thursday, 9 April 2009


The work at Aramitan is created around freedom and initiative. Possible work assignments are announced every morning and there is an expectation that one works but it´s not demanded. Every day one has the freedom to choose exactely what it is you want to do. This freedom leaves an awesome space for initiatives and leadership but also a space for lazyness and inactivity, if motivation and will are not present. This day, the latter was my case. There were many proj ects taking place. The girls were painting, some brazilians were howling endelssly while plastering an inside room, a window was being scraped, our new designer from New Zealand was measuring and drawing a balistrade for the balcony, shopping was being done and last but not least our fabulous stone wall got it´s last rocks laid while a shape was being prepared for a concrete base. I managed to help a little here and there but all in all it can´t have added up to more then a couple hours of solid work. The rest of the time passed by hanging around. It all became more interesting in the evening. On sunday we are having an open mic or sarau as they call it here. Nina, Christina, Christoph and I are performing acrobatics. Nina is really talented and it is fun practicing. It will be intersting to see how it goes to the sarau. We, the yippies, also practiced some songs for the event. The dinner was extraordenary. Home made pizzas baked in a stone oven heated with wood. Delicious!

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