Thursday, 2 April 2009

I pretty much feel like I´m living in a different world since a couple of days. Sleep is missing a lot. I don´t like to go to bed early because evenings are my favourite part of the day. Feeling exhausted from all the work during the day is satisfying though. On the other hand, getting up in the morning is quite a mission. But Pete is doing a great job on that.
I am still surprised in such a positive way about the work we are doing. I mean many of us have never done this kind of work. We are quite a bunch of people with all these different languages, all these different characters and not to mention the enourmes diversity of all the backgrounds. But still somehow everything works out surrounded by an amazing atmospere! I´ve actually never had so much fun working. I wished more people on our planet could experience work in a similar way. The world would look so different. I´m convinced that we put something in the things we create and I think Aramitan is one of the lucky places carrying a lot of good spirit bacause of that.

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