Saturday, 11 April 2009

9th of April:

It is Christoph´s (CH) birthday, so he got a specially decorated plate with flowers, caramels and then a birthday song this morning.

During our morning circle the cement truck arrives and now there is a roof on the volunteer house!
But it is still kind of a sad day, I think: It is our last working day at Aramitan and I´m disappointed of the spirit in people. I was ready for hard work and to finish what we have started while a lot of people where just drifting, smoking, sleeping, complaining, etc. which made me so angry!

At the end of the day I played a little soccer and then Henning, Elsa, Mathias, Pete and I walked to Embu Guacu along the train tracks.
We really needed mosquito repellent so we went to the pharmacy and then to PASTEL SEM VENTO, I think the place is called, we always go there and buy juice. There we ate pastel and french fries.
Now I´m tired that my eyes want ot cry! God natt, sou sa gott!

10th of April:

I was one of the 15 or 16 people that went to the family house today and the weather was great, a bit too warm for an icelander (but hej, I´m half swedish).
The first thing we noticed when arriving there was that the boys of the family all had their hair cut.
Eveyone seemed to work their asses of and it felt so good at the end of the day to have worked so much!
I got the confidence and the trust of the little boy Junior and was allowed to carry him to the water where people junped in to cool off.

Today is Santiagos 30th Birthday and when we came back to Aramitanand had some food, someone had prepared birthday cakes for him and Christoph.
There was singing, clapping and a little speach from each of them.

Already now people are arriving for the weekend and the Sarau.

Elsa and I went to bed with no idea of how long this night would be!


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