Thursday, 3 December 2009

01. 12. 2009

The day started with me and Marius doing Capoeira. For me it was a very nice waking-up experience to do Capoeira with someone that would push me forward, and not with someone that I have to lead the sport activity. I thought: Welcome to the work camp!
You meet new people and everything you are used to be doing happens with new people working together with you.
After I started the day with singing "Calypso" with the whole group, we divided the participants into the different work areas and everyone went off to work. A big bunch of people was sanding the "outside kitchen" and then put some varnish on the wooden pillars. It was an atmosphere of motivated working!
Another group made the trenches for the water system for the volunteer accommodation. Lots of earth was removed...
After lunch we had a bit of difficulties to return to our work with the same strength. The participants felt more like chatting with the new people around them than going to work. The conversations were very funny to observe, often people weren´t even speaking in the same language.
It was a light start of the work camp with lots of happiness and conversations.
We had a big challenge because our professional builder didn´t show yet. So big congratulations to all of the teams working without professional instructions and doing a great job.
Simon, Germany

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