Thursday, 17 December 2009

12. 12. 2009 - The World March for Peace and Non-Violence

In order to speak about the march I must return to the 2nd October when it commenced in Wellington, New Zealand. In the month of December, after it had passed through many countries, it reached Brazil, Embu Guaçu, a municipality close to Aramitan. The day before the march took off here in Brazil many young people, including participants of the workcamp, came together to paint placards and banners in the “Parque da Vàrzea” in Embu Guaçu. Furthermore, that same night at Aramitan many people gathered to paint t-shirts and write messages for peace on them.
Saturday the 12th was the day of the march, however it was very overcast with threatening rain clouds. Nevertheless, after a hearty breakfast of coffee and homemade bread with spreads, we were ready to go and not disheartened by the weather.
While waiting for the bus to come and collect us from Aramitan, we practiced some songs in a circle. However, after some time the bus did not turn up so we decided to walk to the bus station, which is about one kilometer from Aramitan. Once we arrived at the station we finally found the much-awaited bus that took us to Cipo, where many people were anxiously waiting for our arrival. They warmly received us and we commenced the march.
There were between a hundred and a hundred and fifty people and the majority were wearing white shirts. Among the marchers were the mayor and his wife, the secretary of government of Embu Guaçu, the president of the city council, the director of Health and many others.
The march ended in the park where a stage had been set up. After we were welcomed and acknowledgments were expressed, the stage was opened up to musicians.
All in all the whole event was very interesting, and by Aramitan participating in such an activity, we were once again able to demonstrate our commitment to creating a culture of peace and a society full of confidence and hope for the future.

Sandra, Brazil

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