Tuesday, 15 December 2009

What was up on Friday, 11th December in Aramitan?

The organizers of the workcamp met early at 7 o'clock to discus several points and to preview the special events for the weekend.

After breakfast everyone practiced together "Djige-djige djai popo" - a funny but challenging dynamic game adding new variations in the circle...Singing, dancing and organizing the daily work tasks, that is what we did till 9 o'clock. Afterwards we decided to tidy up all areas of the house, and then everyone resumed their task in their particular work area.

We had a special guest today: Olivia Girard from the institution “Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners” / Berlin - Germany. She came with Tarita and was introduced to the Aramitan’s projects, our vision in the short and long term. Santiago showed her some areas of Embu Guaçu, including the neighborhood of "our family" we are supporting. She was shocked about the poverty and the difficult living conditions there, unaware of that side of her home country.
Surprised and impressed by our work and activities, she promised to support us knowing now what we are doing is beneficial and serious work. Hopefully we will be financially supported by her organization; the voluntary accommodation project is still our aim within this and the next workcamp in January - For this we need the construction material and the professional helpers.

I took part in our painting session with Christina from 11 till lunchtime - My personal challenge in the art class today was to focus on perspective. I will keep on practicing…

In the afternoon a smaller group went to meet with organizers and participants for the “March for Peace and Non Violence” which will take place on the 12th December Embu Guaçu. We prepared some banners and some participants got to know the Ecological Park, where the march will finish and where further events related to environmental consciousness and activism will take place.

Refreshed by a simple but delicious corn meal called Pamonha that we bought on the way to the center, and drinking a good Maracuja and Açai-Banana milk shake, we did a small shopping for dinner and went back to Aramitan.

Meanwhile those at home worked on the lower wall of the cultural center filling up concrete, kept on painting the windows, cut the grass, baked bread - good work was done.

Dinner went well - salads and a cake were appreciated and everybody was satisfied.

We still had another nice event: Paint our Aramitan T- Shirts, which we would wear on Saturday on the march for peace.
So we prepared everything on the tables and some people even kept painting till midnight.
I enjoyed that activity very much and I was glad with the result of this day.

Oliver Tump, Brazil / Germany

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