Monday, 14 December 2009

10. 12. 2009

Yesterday was a great day at Aramitan! It started with a really nice breakfast, the best we tasted since we've arrived last Monday. There was a lot of homemade bread on the table, cinnamon biscuits, different kinds of sandwich spreads and sweet mango... After the breakfast Santiago introduced us to a man who helped us with the construction work the whole day. Our task was to build a wall in the "cultural centre". Another good thing about this morning was that the sun was shining. As well the first time since we've arrived in Brazil! As it was quite hot, the work seemed even harder than usually (but we built up a lot of muscles). Before dinner, when we had finished with work, we could see a big difference and suddenly the hard work didn't seem so hard anymore. After a quick shower and dinner we left Aramitan for a trip to a cultural event in Monte Azul.
The busride to Monte Azul was an adventure for three swedish girls...It took more than two hours to get there. That's crazy! But we really enjoyed the evening! Brazilian beer, differnt people, culture and live music. Everybody was really nice to us, even though we didn't know anyone at the beginning. It became quite a late night and we went to bed (sleeping bag) at 2 am...

Love/Linnea, Ester, Malin

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