Thursday, 3 December 2009

02. 12. 2009

It´s ten o´clock in the evening and I am very full of an intense day. Maybe I start from the back:
We just ended the day with an interesting lecture about the history of Brazil, a bit of geography and about the situation of today with this big in-balance of rich and poor in Brazil. I realized how I like lectures during work camps, - if you worked the entire day with your hands, it´s nice to get something to think about in the evening. And if we already speak about doing and thinking, then the part of "feeling" was also represented today with the artistic work that I did. (very waldorfy;-)
The painting was the main thing for me today. The other practical work I did before and after painting was not very inspiring: We cleaned, or better scraped dirt of a big amount of windows. It was great to see the cleaned and shiny windows afterwards, but the work itself was the kind of work that needs to be done but is not so much fun. I guess that I learn the most from this type of work.
As I said the artistic part of my day was great! It was the second day that I worked with a few other participants with a documentation of the work camp through drawing and painting. We started the artistic work with a few practices to train the perception and then chose different work areas and painted or drew the other participants working. I like this artistic element in the work camp very much. It has a lot of potential and makes the documentation more interesting.
A work camp is really more than just work. Why is it actually called a "work camp"? It can be a meet-camp, a cook-camp, a dance-camp, a talk-camp, a laugh-camp, an art-camp, a sing-camp and definitely a language course... I realize more and more that those kind of projects and meetings of young people give so much to each individual that takes part in it. And I also see how much each of the participants contributes to this place here. ARAMITANis so rich of hundreds of hands that put a lot of care and hope into this building. Sometimes I forget it, but I am fully amazed by this place called ARAMITAN.

Ok, that´s it for today from my side. Bed is waiting...
Christina, Switzerland

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