Wednesday, 25 March 2009

25.3.: The second workcamp gets started!

Most of us woke up by the sound of a guitar playing and Pete saying RISE AND SHINE! We ate breakfast, sang a song, played a name game and then got an introduction to what the day would look like, here in Aramitan.

Now I am sitting on the balcony whatching the sun set, a bit tired after a day of working in the hot sun.
The previous workcamp did a great job and we are continuing with the building of the volunteer house which they started from scatch.
The vibe of the few days before has been a bit weird, we did not really know what to do with ourselves, but today everything started for real and now we are really hungry!!

I think everyone worked and Brazilians seem to do it quite naturally, they work, hang out, work a little more...

This week is stuffed with things to do and today was only the starting point, so I will need my beauty sleep with the mosquitos!

Good Night!

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  1. Elsku Salbjorg, thetta er nu allveg meirihattar vinnuframlag sem thid erud ad framkvaema og midad vid skrifin ekki audvelt i thessum hita. Er ekki otrulegt hvad manneskjur geta verid olikar, thodir olikar!!!! Haegt ad vinna og skemmta ser eins og thu lisir innfaeddum og svo adrar thodir sem hafa ekki tima til neins nema skipuleggja eda vid islendingar buin ad vera upptekin vid ad fa lan i banka!!!!!Vildi ad eg hefdi gert svona - en kannski a eg thad eftir!!!!!!! Gangi ther og ykkur vel thid erud hetjur!!! Bestu oskir Thora