Sunday, 1 March 2009

February 28th
My day started today at 6.30, when we woke up. After having breakfast, we went walking to a place were a truck was waiting for us. We traveled for arround 15 minutes, and arrived at the house of the people we are helping. The man of the house was waiting for us in the door, and through the day was completely compromised with the work. We divided in groups, and started working. I was incharge of preparing the cement, wich was going to be used for the walls. It was a very sunny day, and the heat was almost intolerable. During the lunchbreak, we went to swim in a lake in front of the house. The place was really beatiful; I could see a lot of woodpeckers, and the vegetation was amazing. This was a hard contrast to the missery in wich thoose familys live. It was hard to see how in a real paradise people can live in the most deep misery. Their house is almost improvised; the walls keep falling down and they don`t have electricity, a kitchen, a floor and a bathroom. Things that we are really used to have and we can’t imagine ourselves living without them, as for example a proper bathroom, or flowing current, are things that they can only dream about. But now, thanks to Santiago and all the people who are collaborating with Aramitan, this people will live in more human conditions. We ate, and continued working. In the time we were there, we finished almost all the stucture of the house. At more or less 4.20 pm we went on the truck to go back. At half of the way we had to go back because somebody had forgotten his stuff, but finally we arrived at Aramitan.
It was a hard working day, in wich we suffered the heat, but it was really worth it.

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