Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Mit etwas Verspaetung der letzte Eintrag...

Friday, the 13th

Friday the 13th was our last working day and it was a good one. We worked at the family’s place again and we had lots of fun with the kids during the day. We played simple finger games and put flowers in our hair, even the communication got better and better.
Of course we did some work, too. Pola and I called build the walls from the new house. I love this job, makes so much fun, especially with Pola. On a self-constructed platform we gave our best, always Gerson in the background shouting: “Mais massa” or “Mais aqua”. It was fun.
The kids helped again to carry those heavy buckets with concrete up the hill. Strong, little fellows. At the end of the day all six of them got a little good-bye gift from us.Back at Aramitan we had a very long and very deep reflection roundabout all the things which happened the last three weeks, what jobs we have done, what activities we arranged and what everybody felt and thought about the whole programme. It was very good to see what a great group we became. Those people who stayed the entire three weeks got really a connection between each other. To some Brazilians I didn’t say even one word, but still in the end we played and danced together, and somehow it was working.
It was a mind-changing experience and I can just recommend it to everybody. Do it!

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