Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Friday the evening

The Panelafro was a colorful event of brazilian-african culture, dances, songs and capoeira. Once a month, the community gets together - young, old, foreign or local - to celbrate and learn about the rich heritage of Brazil. Sorrounded by the sizzling of smells and tapioca pastries being fried, we joined the circular dances trying to shave our hips to the fast rythms of the drums. We came back home with new volunteers from Horizonte Azul and we were surprised to find connections of friends in common: The roommate of a dear friend of mine, the sister of a girl a year above in school, or even the girlfriend of a friend of a friend. It reminded me once more how small the world is; if a boy from Japan was able to find a connection with a girl to Peru through a hungarian boy whilst in Brazil... Imagine how much initiatives and awareness can bloom!
Thats the thing about Aramitan; it is a place where youth from different backgrounds can meet, work together, enjoy a game of footbal, finding communalities and differences. It is a place where existential questions arise, and where your values can be put into pratise. Under a vibrant sun, immensed in a mozaic of cultures- we lay out bricks that are building our vision.
Joana Bettochi-Barrow

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  1. Qué lindo lo que escribes,Joana.

    (la mamá de Amanda)