Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Monday, 2.03.3009

Today started our second week in Aramitan. We were much less people than in the first week so Pola and I worked alone the entire morning which was very nice because we got to know each other much better and found easily our rythm. We digged holes so deep that you could vanish in them. Was quiet funny when we jumped into them made pictures we did not really know how to get out again because we are so narrow. Lunch was great, rice and beans as usually :-) After lunch it got really hot and I was very tired, acyually everybody was, but we all helped with the house for the volunteers. Grubbing earth, building walls and at the very end of the day we pulled out a tree which was more complicated than we thought. Ten people were pulling and pushing on that thing till Manuel (our youngest) gave it the final push. *YEAH* The evening was pretty quiet. After our meeting with Santi, where we were talking about the work at the families place, everybody did whatever he wanted. Josy

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  1. liebe, liebe elli,
    es ist so schön diesen blog zu lesen, die bilder anzusehen...
    herzens grüße nach armaitan!