Saturday, 14 March 2009

Wednesday, 11.03.2009

Not every day can start with beautiful sunshine. But it doesn’t matter for us. The feeling of everybody inside is the sunshine we need. It is raining slowly. There areseveral groups and they are continuing the work they started. Painting windows and walls, others constructing the part of the parking area. The Japanese people were integrated very well in the social life and working groups, as if they have been here already for a long time. It is cool to see people working with love and engagement. The way you can see this enthusiasm can be explained in different ways. For exemple the relationship between Brasilian and Japanese people. Most of the Brasilians don’t speak english, but even so they can understand each other in a differnt way. It’s amazing to see young people living together without any drugs or alcool. I am sitting here in front of the kitchen table able to see some of the Japaneses working on the roof in the rain. After we had lunch our work continued. In the midday came some Japonese people from television. They had been showed the area and project by us for their report about Aramitan which will pass on the Japonese television. Unfortunately the Japonese are going to leave us tomorrow so it is the last day that we all stay together. We are all going to miss our friendly and lovely relationships and the dayly work. It is amazing, like Vitor said: „Our cultures are so differnt, Japanese are working very hard, but at least there is one thing in common, we can both laugh about everything that happens, even so it is not funny..“ In the evening we had such an amazing and „mucho rico“ dinner that we all enjoyed it a lot. Everybody with a little flow of tiredness because of the work. All in all we can say that we enjoyed and liked eachother as much as possible during this really short time we had together. And so there is only one thing left to be said: Aramitan, Aramitan, Aramitan, Aramitan, Aramitan.... Aqui tem muito trabalho.... Maurizio

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