Thursday, 26 March 2009

Today we woke up with more singing by Pete, it reminded me of Kindergarten. I and some other YIP participants taught the rest a song we learned with Slava back in Sweden. It sounded good and lifted the morning.

I started with building a new compost spot with Christoph and Henning. The day got hotter. By lunch I was full of cement, dust and sweat along with everyone else, which made all of us very hungry.
The day continued to get harder with work, mixing more cement and then more. This was fun as our Brazilian friends were singing, laughing and making jokes which sounded that they should be funny. We all laughed and sweated more.
Having a shower at the end of the day and washing all the dirt off was satisfactory and then to sit down and eat surprisingly not rice and beans but PASTA!
Now the mosquitos are out and the crickets are playing their tune.
Soon to bed... mmmm sleep!
Jessica Collins

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